Why ButtonUp™?

Introducing ButtonUp™, a revolutionary, stylish and functional alternative to magnets.

Translucent Sheet

Keeping the planet in mind, constructed from bio-degradable, post-consumer Polypropylene, which is accepted as recyclable as #5 (PP)

Holds More

Attach photos, shopping lists, messages, menus & your kiddos finest art work and more without multible magnets.

Attaches easily

Attaches to most surfaces for use in homes, schools dorm rooms, offices and anywhere for a clean, well-organized space.

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ButtonUp™ - What You Get?

Other than a great product that's going to make your life a little bit easier, here's what you'll receive when you order...

Bio-degradable, Post-consumer Polypropylene, which is accepted as recyclable as #5 (PP) constructed Translucent Sheet {Green Product}

Approx. 24” L x 14” W.

Eleven (11) Buttons

Holds up to 4 items each

Five (5) Magnets
Four (4) Suction Cups

For surfaces such as steel or glass

Six (6) Extra Long Tacks

For Dry Wall or Wood


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Who is Behind The ButtonUp™

It happened on day... If only we had four hands. This is what we were thinking on the day we came up with Pegell’s flagship product, ButtonUp™. It happened when we were juggling one of our kids and mooning over pictures on our refrigerator. As we watched photos from last summer’s birthday party fall to the floor, we saw the future. We realized it would be a whole heck of a lot easier to invent a solution to fridge clutter than come up with two spare hands, so...

How to Use ButtonUp™?