Frequently Asked Questions

We often get questions about how to use ButtonUp™, perhaps you’ve had these same questions. If so, here are the answers:

Refrigerator, file cabinet, metal door, cubical or any steel surface that attracts magnets.

Walls, wooden doors, bulletin boards, cubicles with wood backing and other softer non-magnetic, non-smooth surfaces.

Windows, glass partitions, mirrors, stainless steel refrigerators, and other smooth, non-magnetic surfaces.

Use a small amount baby oil, mineral oil or Vaseline on the suction cups to improve stick on this kind of non-magnetic surface.

Simply make hooks from paperclips to hook into the cubical fabric and hang from pre-punched holes in the corners of ButtonUp™. You can also try using small nails instead of tacks. Get creative.

Sure, you can draw or write with any color, but ONLY on the back, smooth sheet of ButtonUp™; not the rough, front sheet. The back, smooth sheet is easy to clean by wiping off dry erase marker with a wet towel and water.